Integrated production cotton

We use integrated production cotton from Andalusia (a type of production that limits the use of chemical products for environmental protection, health, and safety conditions of workers). Despite it is not ecological, it turns out to be a more sustainable option than the importation of ecological cotton, mainly grown in Asia and in America.

Circular economy

In the coming collections, a circular economy will be assigned to the project. This will be achieved by using recycled fibres as a raw material for the manufacture of products. As a result, we will be able to manage without some of the textile production steps and reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Sustainable packaging

The packaging design of all our products takes the environmental impact into account. We use craft paperboard and hemp cord (easily separable). We don’t use any material derived from petroleum. In addition, we print with only one ink, and we use packaging as a support for didactic material.

Production in Barcelona

All our products are manufactured by artisans in the province of Barcelona, mainly in the regions of ‘Maresme’ and ‘Vallès’. Thanks to this, we are helping to revitalise the local economy and the recovery of the textile industry. We also reduce CO2 emissions caused by transport.


Grown in Andalusia (integrated production) and woven in Barcelona


Thread is woven on industrial looms in order to obtain fabric


To remove fabric defects from previous processes


Fabric must be cut to the corresponding pattern


To produce attractively coloured fabrics


Animal or plant illustrations are printed on the fabric


All our products are manufactured by artisans


Sustainable and tailored containers are designed and produced